Aluminium sliding doors






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Sliding doors configurations

MONORAIL. A Monorail combines a movable vent on one side of the frame with a stationary glazed element anchored directly into the frame on the other, creating a minimalistic look. Utilizing a fixed panel in lieu of fixed vent reduces sight-lines while allowing for the integration of optional inward opening window(s) into the interior side of the frame. However, it is possible to mount the fixed portion on the outside, when glazing the unit from the exterior is desired.

2-RAIL, 3 RAIL & MULTI-RAIL. The outer door frames can be expanded from two (2) to eight (8) rails deep holding up to 16 panels; the combinations are endless, facilitating creative designs for very large openings. Any of the vents can be made into sliding elements, yielding a wide range of door combinations and flexibility for users.

LIFT & SLIDE SYSTEM. A lift & slide system elevates the door panels before gliding them across the track, utilizing durable wheels and stainless steel rails for optimal opening comfort. When closed, the door leafs are anchored for maximum insulation, air & water tightness with a hermetical seal. This methodology eliminates brushes and other moving parts for worry-free maintenance.