Maintenance of aluminium doors and windows

Maintenance of aluminium doors and windows

Note: This content is only suitable if the Reynaers products for cleaning and maintenance are available in UK and/or sold by Testeral, if not we can change the recommendations for products according Testerals instructions.

When it comes to maintenance it is the least of your worries. Regular household cleaning products are always recommended and can do a great job because by choosing aluminium, you are choosing an almost lifelong, maintenance-free material.  It is well known that the aluminium is unbelievably durable, all you need is a UV-resistant coating, and you have door and window frames that are extremely easy to maintain. Some water, a sponge and a neutral, non-scratching soap are sufficient to make it sparkling clean. This is one of the biggest advantages of the aluminium over wooden systems that need to be treated or repainted every couple of years.

In some cases however, windows can be extremely dirty. That is why you can always consult us for cleaning products that are professional and offer the total solution for cleaning and maintenance of your aluminium systems. Most user-friendly cleaner we can recommend is Reynaers Deepclean and this is why:

  • Suitable for different types of dirt.
  • Can be used to release long-lasting dirt for easy removal.
  • Ideal for cleaning large surfaces.
  • Recommended for unmaintained surfaces for an extended period of time.
  • Apply on the dirty surface and let it act. Wait until the dirt is soaked free.
  • Once the dirt is released, clean with a clean cloth.

For regular maintenance we recommend Reynaers Clean & Care Wax. This is the ultimate product to clean and maintain aluminium profiles and glass. Ideally used twice a year in rural environments and on elements exposed to the rain and four times a year in more aggressive surroundings like Coastal, Industry, Railway or City Centres.

You don’t need special conditions or much effort, just spray the surface with water to remove the dirt. Use 60 to 80ml in a bucket of lukewarm water and clean from top to bottom.

Rinse with clean water and dry it with chamois leather cloth. For extra shine, wipe with a dry cloth.

If you have been renovating, bought a fixer upper and plan to restore it by yourself, let us make it easy on you when it comes to restoring the “as good as new” look for the window and door frames. Get the Reynovator 718, all-in-one total renovation oil used for restoration, conservation and maintenance of already installed aluminium systems (powder coated and anodized). This is a high protection against oxidation, adds gloss and restores protective coating.

What to avoid?

Avoid cleaning aluminium windows with ammonia, baking soda or trisodium phosphate as they will discolour and harm the aluminium. Also, do not use steel wool to remove aluminium oxidation.

The cleaning and maintenance of the aluminium windows and doors is fairly easy and simple but if you do need help or advice, you can always contact the Testeral team at or +44 7976 797992.