Aluminium vs. PVC: why aluminum always takes the win

Aluminium vs. PVC: why aluminum always takes the win

Aluminium vs. PVC: why aluminum always takes the win  

The debate over the benefits of the aluminum versus PVC and other materials has shifted over the years. Choosing the right materials for your project and/or home is crucial in terms of maintenance, production, sustainability and design.  So, let’s go over the top XX reasons why aluminium is the perfect choice for material for you:

1. Nature says: yes!

When architects and construction workers talk nature, they tend to talk about the planet’s future too. Aluminium is the most abundant, ever-present material in nature: it makes up about 8% by weight of the Earth’s solid surface. The highest concentration of aluminium oxide is found in ore bauxite. Pure aluminum is obtained by extracting alumina from the bauxite. By means of an electrolytic bath, 1 kg of pure aluminium is obtained out of 1.9 kg alumina. Never forget, aluminium os 100% recyclable! By choosing aluminium, you choose to take care of nature’s critical resources.

2.Bright is always right

Maybe the most important criteria while planning the positioning and dimensions of the doors and windows, is always the distribution of light. The winning formula is: the narrow the frame, the larger the glass. Science says that aluminium is 2 and ½ times stronger that PVC. What does it mean in practice: large windows don’t need large frames to support them. Choose between our wide ranges of dimensions of frames and let the light in!

3.Aluminium: durable, resilient, stable

One of the challenges in planning and construction is always the durability and the stability of the materials. Have no doubt while choosing aluminium: this metal is one of the most resilient. While other materials have challenging attributes, such as expanding and shrinking with every weather change, leading to damages and constant need of service, your favourite material will make sure that the doors and  windows will always operate perfectly, regardless of the outside/inside temperature differences.

4.Effortlessly easy maintenance

Once installed, you will find the easiness of taking care of your aluminium frames appalling: it literally takes nothing more than just a light brush with a towel over them, and that is it! This material does not rot, dissolve, break easily or lose it characteristics over the years. No additional maintenance, no additional service (and fees), no retouch/repainting needed.

5.Your budget matters

Let’s be honest: the financial construction is very often the starting and ending point of every decision in building and construction. When compared to every other alternative on the market, and when installation/service/maintenance costs are taken into account, rest assured that aluminium takes the win by far. With Testeral, luxury and commodity do not necessarily mean extra costs. Therefore, feel free to contact us and start working on your dream project with Testeral, today!